Monday, 2 February 2009

Board Games 1: Can't Stop

It was super bowl weekend and it was pretty busy for us! Andrew and Lucy went to Monkey Joes for some jumping with some of the other dads and kids from our playgroup whilst Fiona enjoyed a high tea at the Tea Room with the mums (what a genius plans by the mums to schedule a playdate for the dads!!) We went out for dinner at Macaroni Grill, attended church, planted our 5 free wild plums, and Andrew went to a super bowl party with a whole lot of men from church.

This week I'm giving you a run down of board games we got over Christmas. We didn't buy a lot of presents but we did decide to get some awesome games to play together as a family. Today's game is Can't Stop. It's a dice throwing game and essentially you get to keep rolling until you decide to stop or you can't move your pieces. If you can't move your pieces anymore you have to return back to where you were at the beginning of your turn. So the key is deciding when you've had enough and locking in your position. This is hard because once you have control of the dice you don't want to give them up to another player! There is also the temptation to have just one more turn. It's very quick to learn and very fun to play.

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