Monday, 9 February 2009

Weekend update

We were very busy over the weekend and we are all exhausted (esp. Lucy!) Here's a quick rundown:

Weather: On Wednesday it was snowing and below zero for most of the day. On Saturday and Sunday it was 21 degrees celsius. Most people in Wilmington are sick with colds but is it any wonder?

Hardware store visit: Andrew and Lucy went to CB for a pancake breakfast and then onto Home Depot for some shopping and the monthly kids craft. Lucy made herself a lovely trinket box and Andrew got some supplies for the pizza oven.

Visitors: Pastor Phil and Teresa came over for lunch (a lamb roast of course) followed by a Lindt chocolate orange cheesecake. It was Phil's first taste of lamb and he liked it (well he probably wasn't going to say anything else in front of Andrew, but I really do think he enjoyed it)

Pizza: We fired up the pizza oven for our first guests, the lovely Vega family. We had a great time getting everything ready, though we had forgotten how much preparation and clean up there is. Andrew loved putting his pizza apron back on and everyone was excited! Even though this was a last minute thing we still managed some awesome ingredients included lamb, goats cheese, artichokes and sausage. We convinced the Vegas to watch some Aussie Rules and they took home a DVD to watch some more of the mighty Hawks and laugh at the Australian ads. Here are some of the photos. Note in the photos of Lucy her facial expressions: before eating pizza and then after eating pizza!

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