Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Scandalous medical costs

We have started getting the medical bills for Henry's birth and it is amazing/scary how much everything costs here. For example the delivery room cost $2980.00! It seems kind of mean to charge so much for using the delivery room when home births are illegal in North Carolina so women do not have a choice but to give birth in the hospital! I am keeping a list of all the costs involved and it is adding up to be a very scary number. And we don't get the Australian baby bonus even though we are helping to boost the Australian population!

We are still battling with the hospital to bill our insurer directly rather than go through us. Given that the hospital bills at the moment are nearly $6000 we are hoping that this gets sorted out soon.

Maybe Henry will have to become the US President one day and push through the health reforms that Americans seem so reluctant to embrace!


Cara said...

Yikes! That is scandalous, especially considering my upcoming birth is costing me nothing? Is that a private system? Do they have any sort of public system? Surely there are people who can't afford that kind of money? What happens to them? Btw, Henry is growing beautifully. I see a lot of 'Fiona' in him.

Unknown said...

wow, so much money. even with medicare being broken in australia, I prefer that over what the americans have...