Thursday, 13 August 2009

Wishlist update

3. 'Lick the bowl'
Lucy and I like to bake and for the past nine months I haven't been able to lick the mixing bowl. This is an important step in cooking to make sure everything tastes okay. But I have left the licking to Lucy. Not anymore!

4. Weed

This might seem like a strange one but if you know me its not (and this is one non-food related item on the list). I like things to be neat. I like gardening. Hence when I see our garden getting out of control with weeds I want to do something about it. I just need to slap on the ipod and some sunglasses and I'm set. The problem is timing! Between the NC extreme humidity and nursing it is very hard to find the time to commit to weeding. However on the weekend I managed to get two 1 hour blocks so that I could clean up the herb garden and getting it looking good again. Now I need about 5 hours to work on the front garden.

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