Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Whilst I was pregnant I created a short wishlist of things I'd like to do once I had given birth. I knew I'd be sleep deprived so I wanted to give myself an easy but fun list of things I could do. Now that I look at the list eight of the nine things are food related! I guess I was feeling a culinary deprivation. I'll have to add some more items to my list, for example I did keep 4 books aside from my reading list to specifically read after Henry's birth (short classics that would be easy to read) and I've read two of them already.

In any case I have achieved two of my items so far:

1. Eat raw sushi at Bento Box (My favourite is Rainbow KC - salmon, tuna, crab, asparagus and roe wrapped in cucumber in ponzu sauce)

2. Eat hollandaise sauce (poached eggs at Sweet & Savoury)


Unknown said...

mmm sushi. I'd mention if you were here we could have a Kobe Jones lunch, but I'm told it's not nearly as good as when we took Lucy that time...but I've heard of a new place when you visit, or move home, whichever is first :)

BKR said...

i LOVE SUSHI! we'll have to go get some!
got the Henry post card! I love it. Beautiful!