Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Check this out! Wilmington Tea Room on national TV!

Yeah for friends! Alexis took me to three places around Wilmington in one morning that I hadn't been to before - Blue Moon Art & Craft gallery, The Pavillions (also a gallery) and Chris' Cosmic Kitchen. I had been meaning to try Chris' after reading about it winning a best breakfast award and now I have and it was good! Although we didn't find what we were looking for it was a good chance to get out and see some more of this town.

On a side note Alexis owns the Wilmington Tea Room which was featured in a recent 'Jon and Kate plus Eight' episode on TV. Awesome!!!! If you come to Wilmington make sure you visit the tea room and order the full tea - the ooey gooey chocolate brownies are fantastic! Check out the TV episode here:

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BKR said...

Oh I love Blue Moon. Last time I was in there they had Dr. Seuss paintings. Loved them. I want to try out the Tea Room! Maybe we can go there sometime?! :)