Monday, 14 September 2009

Weekend fun

We had a great weekend and even though we are all tired, some more than others, we are all happy.

On Saturday we headed to the beach, Henry's first time. It was amazing how much stuff we took but thankfully most of it fitted into Lucy's wagon (though she did say it was very squashy!) Henry spent some time in his travel cot and some time in mama's arms sleeping. He also had a few minutes in the water until Dad let a small wave crash into him and he got water up his nose. Lucy and Andrew made sandcastles and went boogie boarding. Overall we had a fabulous time and the weather is just perfect at the moment. After the beach we headed over to Sweet and Savoury for lunch.

On Sunday we went to church where Lucy's preschool class was singing a few songs on stage. Although she stood on the stage with the other kids, Lucy didn't sing but just chewed her hair. However this was progress as previously she wouldn't stand on the stage. After church we headed over to Tim & Alexis' house for a bbq and swim. Lucy had a great time in the pool, Henry had a great time being cuddled and the adults enjoyed sitting around chatting.

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Teresa and John said...

Lovely to read you're all happy