Monday, 28 September 2009

Weekend happenings

We had a reasonably busy weekend!

Friday night - Dinner at Boca Bay with Silex crew. A great night catching up with everyone and showing off Henry. He was very social and had lots of cuddles around the table. Great food but such big portions, the seven layer chocolate cake was literally seven layers! Lucy stayed home and was a good girl with Miss Dianne.

Saturday lunch - Pizza party at our house for the management team. We were hoping it wouldn't rain but it did. I do have a clean garage now as I made Andrew clean it in preparation (we didn't use it in the end) Great pizzas but miserable weather, spent most of the time in my gumboots ferrying food back and forth. Given the rain, after the party we had movie afternoon with "Wallace and Gromit"

Sunday lunch - Lunch for the four of us at Macaroni Grill (Lucy's choice) followed by naps and helicopter testing

Henry slept well both Friday and Saturday nights and I got 7 hours sleep both times! However last night he was back to waking up a couple of times.

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