Saturday, 26 September 2009

Crossword winner

I've been doing crosswords for a long time. On the train on the way to work I could do 'The Australian' crossword between Sutherland and Kogarah stations. Then I started doing Lovatts crossword competitions but never won anything. A few months ago I started to fill in the competition entry forms with my parents address and guess what? I won a prize last month. And guess what? I won a prize this month too! The most exciting part (the prizes weren't that exciting) was that the first prize was for a crossword call 'the stinker' which is the hardest one. I'm just glad to see that I got the entry correct!


Carrie said...

I think that solving crossword puzzles is becoming a lost art. I'm glad that you post that you do crossword puzzles. Congratulations on your win!

Kevin Murray said...

Congratulations! Julie's dad does these all the time - and drives us crazy. He's won all sorts of weird things — and some good ones.

Here's a clue I did for him today 'amusingly misheard phrase'. Answer: Mondegreeen