Friday, 20 November 2009

Roadside Attractions

Driving long distances with two small children is not always fun but 80% of the time we enjoyed ourselves. On the journey to Florida we listened to Peter Pan (audiobook) On the way to Atlanta we tried to listen to The Jungle Book but our CD's were scratched. So we let Lucy watch DVD's and Andrew and I listened to our respective ipods and played with the GPS (how different modern driving is!) We had some 4 excellent pit stops which I will take you through (we had another awesome one planned- a butterfly conservatory but both kids were asleep when we pulled into town so we kept driving). Of course there were a couple of bad pit stops (shouting, crying, stomping etc) but we won't dwell on those. Lucy only asked if we were at Disney 3 times. We drove for about 25 hours all up and we still like each other!

Bee City and Petting Zoo [Cottageville SC]

This place was in the middle of nowhere at the end of a dirt road and it was AMAZING!!!!! We compared a lot of things back to this place, including the Atlanta Zoo and Sea World, and Bee City won out each time. Inexpensive entry fees allowed us to see so many exotic animals, feed livestock, and buy yummy honey. One scary and later hilarious moment was when Andrew was bitten by a donkey. He didn't read the instructions that the food was for the goats, llamas, alpacas and goats. Thankfully it was him and not Lucy. I had told her to stay away from the donkey remembering something about Katrina's dress being eaten by a donkey at the zoo? In any case Andrew's finger healed over the next week or so.

South of the Border [Dillon SC]

This place is a suburb of its own. Two gas stations, 2 fireworks shops, multiple cafes, a leather shop, a western shop, an ice cream shop, a miniature golf course, a motel, a 6 storey sombrero with an elevator inside, basically you name it and its here at South of the Border. We ate in the Cafe of the Pink Flamingo and were disappointed to find out that the sombrero elevator had closed 1/2 hour earlier. Andrew keenly looked around the fireworks shops but most of them are illegal in NC (hence the name South of the Border)

Australian Bakery & Cafe [Atlanta GA]

We stopped here on our way home to pick up a whole lot of meat pies, sausage rolls and lamingtons. We enjoyed some for a picnic lunch in Augusta by the riverfront. The lady serving us was American and we had to point out to her that she shouldn't be saying "y'all" in an Aussie cafe!

Hurricane Grill [Jacksonville FL]

We enjoyed a relaxing lunch here with the Danielsons on our way to Disney. A native restaurant to Jacksonville it served up fresh salads and burgers that kept Andrew's blood sugar under control. Lucy's meal was served on a frisbee that she could keep after her meal.

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Katrinajulie said...

Ha ha ha ha

I remember that stupid donkey at Taronga Zoo ate my favourite Bert & Ernie dress. It was green & red, I'm pretty sure I cried!

Love the pics! Lu & H are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

k xx