Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hardware Store opening

At Porters Neck a new Lowe's hardware store opened last week. They had a grand opening 'party' so we headed along with our 10% off voucher.

Andrew and I both completed a scavenger hunt around the store and got $10 gift cards. The kids got to ride in a racing car trolley and Lucy received a goody bag of free Lowe's branded merchandise.

Little did we know that our insinkerator would break the next day. Andrew then had to return to Lowes and purchase the model below. They didn't tell him he needed plumbers putty. So he made a third trip at 10pm and then installed the machine.

Interestingly the insinkerator box had a brochure outlining how using an insinkerator was the environmentally responsible option as it reduced landfill. I personally would rather those things go in the garbage than in my water but who knows?

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