Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Thanksgiving: Lunch with extended Cook family

For a couple of weeks we didn't have an invitation to a thanksgiving lunch and I was getting a little worried. I was praying that some one would randomly invite us over and that is just what happened.

Emma from Lucy's bible study class was sad that she wouldn't see Lucy during thanksgiving week so she invited us over for lunch. I mentioned this to her mum who was standing there and she repeated the invitation. It turns out that lunch was being held at Nana's house, who just happens to be Henry's new bible study teacher.

We headed up to Rocky Point and joined in with the extended clan. We had a great time eating and talking. Of course Lucy and Emma were inseparable for the few hours we were there!

I made a green bean casserole with home made mushroom soup. It uses fried onions in the bread crumb topping and it took me quite a while and some help to find them in the supermarket. Anyway the casserole turned out so well that Andrew has requested that I make it again and he bought some more fried onions from Trader Joes.

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