Friday, 5 November 2010

It's Autumn

As I mentioned the weather has changed. The days are still hot/warm but the nights are cool. It is a really good time of year which will last just a few short weeks. The leaves are red and falling, the mornings are dark and the air at night is cool. We have the air-conditioning on during the day and the heating at night.

Daylight savings ends for us on Sunday.

In the spirit of the changing seasons I've switched out the bedroom decor to be more autumnal. Gone is the new spring bird doona cover, bright green throw and equally green wall art. In comes the red. The old red striped doona cover, red cushions, new wall art and the grand canyon photos.

The only thing purchased was the decal for the wall art. I'd like to get a brown throw but am in two minds about it. I mean there are several brown throws in Culburra so do I really need another?

I've put Lucy's summer clothes away for next year and put all her jumpers into her closet.

We're bunkering down.

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