Monday, 27 December 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus cake

This year's magnificent creation is a Lemon Canadian Crown. The recipe is from Rose's beautiful cakes. It took three baking sessions, four mixer loads and lots of beater licking by Lucy.

Firstly I baked the ladyfinger biscuits. This was to give the 'ethereal' taste to the cake. Then I made the lemon curd/whipped cream centre which was promptly frozen into the ladyfinger 'crust'. The final step was to whip the meringue topping and quickly broil the top.

The cake went into the freezer and can stay there happily for a month. It takes a hour to get it to the right temperature to eat (0/32 degrees).

We all enjoyed the cake immensely and there was much bowl licking by one young boy in our house.

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