Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Living Nativity Part 1

Each year our church holds a Living Nativity. In fact it's more than just a stable with live people dressed up as Mary, Joseph and Jesus - its a whole 20 minute walk through. The drama starts in Herod's palace and then the temple, continues through fields of sheep into the Bethlehem marketplace, visiting at the inn, finding the stable, seeing the cross and then the tomb of Jesus.

Last year Henry was the star of the show as baby Jesus. This year he would pull the stable down as he tried to climb the walls! However Andrew got to have a major part as the innkeeper. Here he is with a gruff Australian accent. He never said the same thing twice and I missed some really funny encounters.

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Cade Whitbourn said...

Ha. Classic Andrew. All those years of practice growling at SWAG boys has paid off.