Friday, 3 December 2010

Raleigh: Shopping and playing

On Saturday our first stop in Raleigh was at the Marbles Children's Museum. It was AWESOME and we could have spent all day. So we just played some soccer, made pizzas, slid, did some art and some woodwork.

We then headed over to Neo Asia, followed by Crabtree Valley Mall. We stopped quickly in at the Lego Store and H&M (and quite strangely saw a Gloria Jeans coffee shop which I haven't seen since I left Oz).

Then we headed to the main drawcard - Trader Joes. It is our favourite supermarket and we've visited outlets in Boston, Seattle, Santa Fe and Washington DC. Please Trader Joe's open a store in Wilmington!

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Carrie said...

I love Trader Joe's too! Whenever I go visit my friend in California, I go and get a few of my favorite things to haul back in my luggage (mixed in with the Ikea stuff of course!). I heard a rumor that they were opening a store in Kansas City but haven't tried to confirm that. Hope you are having a lovely holiday season. (Lucy and Henry look so grown up!)