Monday, 11 July 2011

Henry turns two

Henry had a very fun birthday!

We had a special breakfast together in the 'Thomas the tank engine' decorated dining room. We enjoyed fruit cups with whipped cream, english muffins and tea.

Henry opened some presents and webcammed with Nanna and Grandpa.

Then Daddy and Henry headed off to the beach for swimming and fun in the sand. They picked up lunch at Sweet & Savory and headed home. (I think they even got doughnuts on the way to the beach)

After lunch and naps Henry woke up to discover his new train table. Then we webcammed with Grandma and Grandad. Then we webcammed with Auntie Kat.

For dinner we had 'meat' (sesame-soy steak) and whilst everyone was going to camp outside, because of the weather and some very tired little people, we cancelled the tent sleeping.

Then it was getting late and the kids ate some cupcakes in the bath while we sang happy birthday to Henry.

It was a busy and fun day. Henry has been talking about the beach ever since!

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chan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little man!!