Sunday, 17 July 2011

Weekend summer fun

We are about half way through our summer school break - just another 5 or 6 weeks to go! [And yes I am slowly going crazy with 3 small children and no schedule]

Early last week we had a 105 degree day. Not sure what that is in celsius except to say that is was extremely hot and humid.

Since then it has been 85 degrees every day. It. is. awesome. Repeat. It. is. awesome.

I say this because it is usual for it to be so low! This coming week will see us back to the 95's which is more normal.

So we've been taking advantage of the nice weather by spending lots of time outside playing and eating. We have been hosting a weekly playdate for our mom's group, camping out and barbequing. As well as eating smores, taking family walks and eating ice blocks (popsicles!)

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