Thursday, 14 July 2011

Henry's train birthday party

Henry's party was mostly about the food.

We had wood-fired lamb roast, with gravy and tzatziki. (Sausages for the unadventurous types but there were lots left over so I assume 99% of people ate lamb) Andrew prepared two types of lamb: one with paprika, olive oil, garlic and salt and one with a breadcrumb, fresh oregano, fresh rosemary and salt crust. Both excellent.

This was accompanied by potato salad, apple slaw, green salad and a fruit platter of strawberries, grapes and watermelon.

Followed by the train cake and ice cream.

Although we are in a drought and it has hardly rained this year, the day started out grey and cloudy. It had rained the whole day before. I prayed hard that even if it wasn't sunny that it wouldn't rain during the party. The party started and the sky was grey and threatening. Then during the party the sky cleared and it turned out very hot and sunny. After the party the sky clouded over again and at 4pm it started pouring with rain. Thanks God for the break in the weather for a special little boys party!

Henry enjoyed opening his presents and playing with his new toys especially his new drill.

Thank you to all the families for coming over - Holmes, Vegas, Pennys, Nichols, Walls, and Martins.

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Carrie said...

Happy Birthday to Henry and wishing you a fun trip! When you get home will you post your recipe for apple slaw? It sounds wonderful.