Monday, 11 July 2011

'that' family

On Sunday we were 'that' family at church.

You know 'that' family.

The one with the 5 year old who won't stand up during the singing and cries because we sat in the 'wrong' row of chairs. She won't talk to anyone.

The one with the 2 year old who squeals because he is not allowed to run around and then tries to poke the baby to wake her up. He won't sit down.

The one with the newborn baby who coos during the singing and then wakes up crying during the sermon.

The family that ends up in the nursery wondering why they headed out of the house in the morning.

Hoping next week works out better!


cafedave said...

How frustrating - hope that's a rare one-off event!

Lisa said...

hey - but you were THAT family AT CHURCH raising your THREE children to love and serve JESUS which is WAY MORE important than anything else!! xx