Thursday, 5 January 2012

Baby cross stitch

I finally finished Felicity's cross stitch birth announcement!

The reality is that it was 95% complete before she was born.

Soon after birth I sewed her name and details on.

However I had two things left to do: sew the hair and sew on the beads.

I originally sewed the hair brown, figuring correctly that her hair would be brown. However the cross stitch looked terrible because the hair was not designed to be such a dark colour (the forehead and hair are kind of blended together) So I unpicked it and sewed it in blond. Accuracy is not that relevant - she doesn't sleep in a basket tied to a tree either so what does it matter if the hair colour doesn't match up?

The beads were the bigger problem. I started sewing them in and like the hair they looked terrible. However I didn't know what to do. So I spent the last 8 months pondering it and not making a decision. I finally decided to get rid of the beads and sew in a slightly darker grey. One hour later the cross stitch was finished.

One small decision and the project was done (funny that given that the whole cross stitch took me a really long time because the gold thread was so difficult to work with).

Now for the framing.

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