Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Quick recap of the last few weeks

Lucy and Henry are back at school and life settles back into a regular routine (except I'm keeping Lucy home from school on Thursday and then we are heading to Raleigh on Friday)

Last week we cleaned up the pizza oven area and put away all the furniture for the winter. Winter... What winter? The weather has been beautiful (70 degrees) so we have even eaten lunch outside a few times and Henry has been wearing shorts and tshirts.

Apart from a couple of bitterly cold weeks at the end of October, it has been warm all the way to the new year. Today however it is winter and it was below freezing last night. However by Saturday it is supposed to be back up to 70 again!?!? Not at all like last year when it was a very cold winter and we had 3 snow days when the Martins were visiting.

We've done lots of odd jobs and projects and I'll post some of them for you to see. The kids have been giving the bouncy house a workout in the garage. Andrew took down the Christmas lights and started dreaming about what he could do next year (I started calling him Clark at that point) This was the first year we put some on the house and now he has grand plans.

Felicity is crawling. Henry is cooking every day. Life is good.

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