Friday, 6 January 2012

Sweetgum fruit wreath

Taking down the Christmas wreath from the front door left a rather white space. So I searched around for an idea for a winter wreath.

I found Martha Stewart showed how to make a sweetgum fruit wreath. Perfect! Our tree had just dropped a whole lot of the annoying, sharp fruits. So Lucy and I gathered them up and got all the equipment ready.

So I spent an hour glue-gunning (is that a word?) the fruits to a wooden wreath frame. [I had pre-tied a ribbon to the top]. Initially I couldn't find my glue gun but Andrew picked a new one up from Michaels - it was $2.49! Then we sprayed the wreath with chrome paint.

We put some furniture pads on the back of the wreath to stop it banging every time we close the door and now we have the perfect winter wreath.

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Lisa said...

that looks so great!!