Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A big girl bedroom

A lot of the busyness from last week was due to getting Lucy's new bedroom ready. The walls were wiped, cupboards were emptied and restocked and carpets were steam-cleaned. Given Lucy is already in a big girl bed we didn't have any furniture to buy but I did want to decorate her room so here are the couple of things we did:

1. Book Bin. Lucy LOVES to read. She especially loves to read in bed. However given the guard rail on her bed it is difficult for her to reach her bedside table. The simple solution was to install a book bin on the wall near her bed. Now she can easily access books at any time (and we can get a little bit more sleep in the mornings!)
2. Butterflies hang from the ceiling above her bed

3. Tree decal on the wall. One of her walls is a large blank canvas so I bought a removeable/reusable tree sticker to brighten the wall. It is a big hit as it includes butterflies!

4. Wardrobe storage. Lucy has two wardrobes in her room (one for toys and one for clothes) but both only have one high shelf. I bought some colourful storage units (red ones as the purple ones were on a long backorder).


cafedave said...

Looks great! A room that she's going to love for a long while.

chan said...

i love it
i wish you were around to decorate my room

Katrinajulie said...

It's awesome! love the butterfly's hanging down from the ceiling!