Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Andrew's Birthday

Andrew had an excellent birthday and even took the day off work to enjoy it and do a little work on the pizza oven. We started with a (buckwheat) pancake breakfast and ended with a lamb roast.

"Lucy do you like the roast beets?"
"No I like the meat"
"Lucy do you like the pumpkin?"
"No I like the meat"

Yes she likes her lamb as much as her Daddy. Although our dinner was slightly different to accommodate diabetes requirements (sweet potato & beets instead of potatoes and pumpkin) we still had a great time together even had small pieces of chocolate cake with cream and berries.

Andrew got a few additional presents including a t-shirt quilt, some board games and some money from the Lamberton's for a helicopter engine he wants to buy.

I made the t-shirt quilt from 16 t-shirts we purchased from places around the world. When I first looked in the cupboard to check if there were enough t-shirts I found 36 shirts (not including polo shirts or concreting shirts!) Since then he has collected a few more but I was able to put a chunk of them to good use in this new quilt! It's not perfectly sewn but it's not going to fall apart either. There were many hours of unpicking involved!

Happy birthday Andrew! Now onto preparing for Lucy's 3rd birthday extravaganza week!


BKR said...

Looks like the indoor skydiving was a hit!! Happy Birthday, Andrew! And holy creative talent, batman! on the cleverly crafted quilt! Kudos to you!

Unknown said...

you're amazing in your gift ideas. And a big Happy Birthday to Andrew