Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Board Games 6: Tikal

For my birthday I received two board games! Tikal is the first one we opened and played. It is based around an archaeological dig and requires players to excavate temples as well as find gold. Each player has an expedition party, a team leader and 2 base camps. Games are fairly lengthy (1-1.5 hours) and winning is based around a point system. It is not usually clear who is going to win as the point system is complicated (although the score is easy enough to work out at each of the scoring rounds, it is not self evident from glancing at the board). Although Tikal is getting into 'gaming' territory it is very interesting and fun to play. So far Andrew has won once, I've won once and surprisingly we had a draw at 245 points each! The one has taken a little longer to learn than the other games we have but it is worth it and we have enjoyed this game alot.

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