Tuesday, 14 April 2009

What is your favourite pizza?

We are putting together a list for Andrew's Pizza Wilmington. Leave a comment with your favourite pizza and see if it makes it to our upcoming menu! Even if you haven't commented before give it a go and see what interesting combinations we can come up with. Here are our favourites to start you off:

Fiona's favourite: tomatoes, artichokes, olives and garlic

Andrew's favourite: lamb, feta, mint sauce

Lucy's favourite: nutella, banana, honey


Kevin Murray said...

For me - bacon and egg!

Sardine and banana was once recommended to me in South Africa. Yuk!


chan said...

Anything coming out of that oven is going to be awesome but i guess one of my faves would be:

chicken, pumpkin & feta

Julie said...

"boring" old supreme, preferably with anchovies, is always good.

or tandoori chicken served with some yogourt.

BKR said...

My fav is kinda boring...I love pepperoni and onion, but with turkey pepperoni instead!

Katrinajulie said...

double pineapple, mushrooms, capsicum, red onion with bbq sauce!!


Have now ordered pizza hut!

cafedave said...

caramelized onion, anchovy, olive, no tomato, no cheese.

It's not quite a salad pizza, but I think it would work.

Teresa and John said...

Cheese and tomato with triple serving of anchovies on a thin base, thanks.