Monday, 6 April 2009

Pizza oven construction continues...

Work on the pizza oven started again (mainly due to my nagging) Andrew got lots of stone cornerwork done and then we spent Saturday afternoon tiling the top of the bench. It was so lovely outside we had lunch alfresco.

On Sunday afternoon we headed off to Julian's 3rd birthday party at a play centre.

On the garden front, all of the pine needles have been raked up! Our flowering pear trees have bloomed with pretty white flowers but after a week the petals have been blown off. We await the green leaves to come in.

Some more garden photos:
1. The veggie patch is growing well though is a frost expected tomorrow night so we'll see what survives.
2. The pizza garden has been planted with holly, blue fescue, liriopes, lavender and lillies (not much to see yet!)
3. The herb garden has come back to life
4. Lucy's play area/garden is ready for the summer as we planted 50 flower bulbs. She even has a pink flamingo called Diego.

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