Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Board Games 7: Pandemic

One thing I dislike about board games is the winning and losing. Well actually just the losing part. When it's just Andrew and I against each other there can be some marital tension if one person has a winning streak. So the second game I got for my birthday is perfect as it is not about winning and losing but about all teams co-operating together to get a successful outcome. Players even show each other the cards in their hand (this is not considered cheating!) The aim of the game is to cure four fatal diseases and rid the world of these diseases. The disease cards are actually stacked against the team as there are frequent outbreaks of disease leading to pandemic. There are several different roles that players can take on with different special skills that can be used to advantage throughout the game. It is a very interesting game but one that often doesn't have a good outcome. Maybe when we've played it some more we'll be better at saving the world!

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