Thursday, 22 April 2010

Andrew's Pizza

Andrew's Pizza is open for business and it has been doing a brisk business ever since. At Henry's baptism Andrew cooked 100 pizzas over 3 hours. On the weekend just gone we hosted the women's ministry meeting for 25 ladies from church and on Monday night we had Jenny & Joe over for pizza.

We learnt two cool pizza related things:
  1. It is more fun and very time liberating to get people to roll their own pizza base. Not only does it slow down the flow of pizzas to the oven to prevent a backlog it also saves the prep work of getting the bases ready beforehand.
  2. The best dessert pizza EVER is nutella, strawberries and mini marshmallows. It is so good that we made two of them and there are no photos. It was just too good not to eat it straightaway without waiting for a camera.

1 comment:

BKR said...

dying to try the nutella pizza.