Friday, 23 April 2010

Recipe of the week: Mozzarella Meatballs

For my birthday Amy and Alexis gave me an AMazon voucher. I thought long and hard about what to get - I wanted to get something special, not just everyday stuff. I checked my reading list and discovered four cookbooks that I'd noted from last year's best seller list. So I ordered the four of them.

I launched into Fix, Freeze, Feast. It is exactly my sort of cookbook arranged by meat type. All recipes are based on warehouse shopping (Costco, Sam's Club) and produce 4-6 dinners for 4 people. They have an awesome system for freezing and then cooking later. There are no pictures in this cookbook (something that I usually require) but even without this I still think this could become one of my favourite cookbooks.

I decided to start testing the recipes. I mean the concept seems fantastic but does the food taste any good?

I made the mozzarella meatballs (all 100 of them), froze 80 of them in their bbq-type sauce and then cooked the remaining 20 for dinner in the still-warm pizza oven.

I presented them on beds of rice to the family. After eying the meatballs with suspicion Lucy shouted yum after the mouthful. It was then a unanimous vote that this recipe was a keeper. And the best news is that there are 4 more ready made dinners in the freezer beautifully labeled and just ready to be eaten.

I'm cooking the cherry chicken tomorrow. I'll update you next week.

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Teresa and John said...

The meatballs look yummy. I like the bottom book, easy preparation with slow cooking.