Wednesday, 21 April 2010


The weekend also saw us at church for a 'swaption' - an auction of gently used goods donated from people's homes. After the hot dog roast, the bidding got underway. (Yes I realise I just wrote hot dog roast without sniggering but at least I didn't write realize)

Lucy received her own placard for bidding and since she didn't have a spending limit she won a number of items.

We went home with: a kids double camping chair (see yesterday's blog), two kids beach chairs, some soft toy puppies, some bangles, a Peter Rabbit Wedgewood set, a turtle bath mat and a boy's ride-on trike.

In turn we put forward one item: a pizza party for 10 people for Saturday lunch. We look forward to hosting Dan & Jeaneen + friends (there were many volunteers to accompany them)

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