Monday, 12 April 2010

It's Spring!

After a long cold winter the seasons have turned and it is finally spring. Leaves are unfurling on our deciduous trees, hostas are popping up from the earth and the azaleas are blooming.

I have two favourite moments in spring: the blooming of the ornamental pear trees that then shed their confetti like petals and the blooming of the dianthus. The pear trees cast their spell over the week of Henry's baptism whilst the dianthus have shot up their flower stems. I am eagerly awaiting the first sight of colour and the smell that tells me that spring has sprung. (In contrast whilst the pear trees look pretty they smell terrible!)

We are looking forward to a season of quiet renewal. We've been busy doing family things, extended family things. Auntie Kat, Uncle Michael, Nanna and Grandpa have come and gone. It's been a fantastical ride especially for Lucy where each new day brought fun activities, presents and plenty of attention.

Andrew and I are both tired. The baptism was a big event, the majority of which was co-ordinated and delivered by the two of us. Our season of quiet will be short but hopefully sweet starting out this weekend with some weekend camping in the backyard.

I'll post a video of Henry's baptism soon

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