Friday, 16 April 2010

Henry's baptism

It is hard to put Henry's baptism into words. It was a truly awesome day, more 'magical' than Disney could ever manufacture. It was a mad rush to get everything ready after church but by 3:30pm with lots of family helpers everything was ready - tent set up, chairs arranged, pizza oven hot, over 30 ingredients chopped, beers chilling, bases rolled, family dressed. Here's the run down:
  • It was a beautiful day. Clear blue skies and 75 degrees, a slight breeze
  • Our very good friends participated in the service. Pastor Steve performed the baptism, Pastor Mel gave a talk and Jenny sang 'My Redeemer lives'
  • 80 of our American friends participated in person, 4 overseas family members in person and 2 Sydney friends via Skype at 6am
  • Henry had a 2.5 hour afternoon nap (unheard of!) and woke up very mellow. During his baptism he just looked around fairly blankly and really didn't mind what was going on. He was transfixed with Jenny's singing
  • We forgot Henry's suit at the dry cleaners. Jenny brought over a pale blue sear-sucker suit that fitted in perfectly with everyone else's outfits
  • We hired some youth group kids to help out, specifically with making bases and serving drinks. Turns out we have a number of friends that like rolling bases. Kudos to Jenny's parents John & Terry - they are going to be invited to all parties going forward.
  • Andrew rigged up a very high tech sound and lighting system
  • Our neighbours Jim and Kim couldn't attend the baptism. At 7pm with lots of ingredients left I went over to invite them for a pizza. Turns out they were in the midst of an internet search for a pizza place open on Easter Sunday. I told them just to head over to Andrew's Pizza!
Enjoy the video

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