Monday, 5 July 2010

Independence Day Long Weekend

Since we've been back from New Mexico the weather in NC has been feral - 90+ degrees with high humidity. On Friday everything cooled down to a pleasant 80 degrees so we spent ALL day Saturday in the garden. In fact we came in at 9pm when it finally got dark. Although we did a lot of gardening, with some new plants from Pender Pines, we only worked on 2 of the 4 garden beds at the front. So there is still a lot to do. The kids enjoyed seeing the fish, ducks and emus at the nursery.

On Sunday we headed to church, watched the Wimbledon final and then headed out to a 4th July BBQ. We had a great time swimming and eating at Tim and Alexis'. Henry enjoyed his first Independence Day on the outside! Due to some grumpy children we had to head home before the fireworks.

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