Friday, 16 July 2010

Truth or Consequences

The town of Truth or Consequences was originally called Hot Springs but changed its name for a gimic after the American TV show. Whatever this tiny town is called it still contains natural hot springs. At one of the spring sites we hired a private pool (in order to contain the runaway Henry who was not bathing) and enjoyed a 1 hour soak whilst watching the rushing river. At first Lucy thought the water was too hot and refused to go in. After 15 minutes we forced her to sit in the water to try it and guess what? In 30 seconds she decided that it was very nice indeed. She, along with the rest of us, enjoyed eating olives and relaxing. And despite the outdoor heat of 100+ it was a still a very enjoyable experience to get into some very hot water. We then enjoyed a slow lunch at the local health food cafe Little Sprout before continuing our journey northwards along the spectacular I25.

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