Friday, 9 July 2010


And now we come to Ruidoso, Alexis' home town (and no she hasn't paid me to say nice things about the place, she doesn't need to because it is a nice place).

We spent three relaxing days here staying in a mountain cabin - check out the sunset from our deck! The view was so nice we twice cooked our own dinner on the bbq on the deck.

The night we didn't cook we headed to the Flying J Ranch. Given the late night program I originally hadn't planned to attend the show but we decided that we were on vacation so the kids could stay up extra late for another night. And I am so glad we did. We had a REALLY fun time here. First up Henry got some jail photos. Then Lucy had a pony ride and the show began outside with a gunfight in the street. A cowboy dinner followed and then the musical show began. Henry got right into it and even tapped his hand in time to the country music. We were treated to some really fun music and at one point even got made fun of for being Australians. [The staff are very friendly and we met several of them before the show so they obviously picked up on the accent not being North Carolinian] We liked the music so much we bought a CD and all the musicians signed it for us.

The Hubbard museum of the American West proved to be a very fun museum for the kids. With lots of hands on exhibits the kids spent a lot of time being alternatively cowboys and then indians. Lucy's love of cowgirl boots and hats only magnified. We also did a bit of shopping along the main drag in the many touristy shops and we also did a lot of geocaching (which in one of its more interesting moments led us to a fire viewing platform on the top of the ridge)

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