Sunday, 25 July 2010

Summer swimming lessons

Lucy has been in swimming lessons for the past two weeks. Every day at 9am we've arrived at UNCW's pool for a one hour lesson. I was worried before we started. Not that Lucy is scared of the water (she did lessons at 6 months old) but that she doesn't like new situations. And I had heard that the teachers are tough and throw kids off the diving board!

The teachers are tough but in a good way. Lucy cried and screamed for the whole first lesson. It was truly awful watching her from the stands. Thankfully after that she had a much better experience and by the end she was laughing and jumping in from the block by herself. She was very sad to finish the lessons and wanted to keep going. In fact she can swim short distances without any kind of assistance, putting her face in the water and kicking her legs and moving her arms. She can float too. She loves using the kickboards. She likes to jump in but mostly does belly flops.

Good job Lucy Lu! On the way home we stopped in at Dunkin' Donuts. Yes we are now fully immersed in American culture.


Lisa said...

what a great little swimmer!!! good job Lucy! Maisie, Tally and Alice are all very impressed with your great kicking skills.

Carrie said...

Dear Fiona - Hope everything is well. Missing your blog posts.