Thursday, 8 July 2010

Roswell and Old Lincoln

From Carlsbad, we headed to the hills of Ruidoso. Along the way we made two stops, firstly in Roswell and then in Old Lincoln.

Roswell is famous for an alleged visit by aliens in July 1947. We were in two minds as to whether to stop here. However it was lunchtime and we thought we might have a good laugh at the kitschy International UFO Museum and Research Center.

Unfortunately there was no laughing. Not because we read the 'evidence' and decided that the incident was real. But because the museum was so pathetically bad that it was cringe-worthy. I truly could have made a more convincing professional-looking exhibit that what was on hand.

In the end we were sorry to have wasted our time and money. Plus the aggravation of explaining aliens to a 4 year old.

On the other hand Old Lincoln is a gem of an historic town. Made famous by its infamous resident Billy the Kid. We wander
ed into the 6 or so buildings available for viewing including the museum, Tunstall store and the courthouse. We even saw the room from which Billy escaped, killing two guards in the process [now that wasn't shown in Young Guns!]

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