Wednesday, 20 July 2011


We're heading off on our summer roadtrip this weekend.

We're heading to Washington DC first and we hope to hit VA, WV, MD, DE, PA, NJ. Of these, four are new states for us so our tally will be 27 states - over half way!

We've visited DC before of course. Check out the video here and our highlights here, here and here. It is so funny to see Lucy so small. Yet she is exactly the same age as Henry is now. I wonder if he will like babyccinos as much as she did.

See you in August!


Carrie said...

I really liked the Newseum which I had never been to before. DC is one of my favorite cities.

dr maya vale said...

I'm heading off on my own road- (sorry, rail-)trip soon! I hit stateside Thursday next and I'll be in-country for five weeks. Would've been nice to line our schedules up a bit... God bless - I hope you all have a great time and, just so you know, I'm putting those guides to good use!