Wednesday, 20 August 2008

American food

When people ask me the biggest difference between living in the US and living in Australia I always say that it's the food. The food in general is so much better in Australia both in terms of quality and variety. Maybe it's Wilmington being a small town, maybe it's American indifference or even the lack of multiculturalism but it just seems that it is hard to rave about the food here. There are some awesome top end restaurants that I can highly recommend but when it comes to everyday dining or shopping it is a lot harder to get what you need.

However it is easy to get some traditional American foods that I hadn't really eaten before moving here. These are the sorts of the food you read about (or see in American movies):
  • graham crackers (pronounced 'gram' crackers)
  • mac and cheese
  • pie (like a large custard tart)
  • grilled cheese sandwich
  • bbq (shredded pork)
  • sweet tea

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