Monday, 18 August 2008

Gold medal bricklaying

Well first I was a sound widow, then I was a SWAG widow and now I am officially a pizza oven widow! Whilst I have been watching the Olympics (and cross stitching) Andrew has spent 3 consecutive nights working on the pizza oven. Over the weekend we also found time to do some weeding, go to gymnastics and attend church. Andrew is hoping to get the formwork done this week in order to pour the concrete base of the oven next weekend.

The summer is almost over! 'Over' in the sense that in the past week the humidity has dissipated and we are left with lovely 29 degree days with lower humidity. It now feels like a Sydney summer and we are enjoying the outdoors immensely apart from the bugs. It seems ridiculous to say but for some days in July/August it was too hot to go outside! Now that summer is nearly 'over' we are making the most of being outside but missed going to the beach yesterday due to tropical storms.

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