Thursday, 21 August 2008

The world's latest birthday present

In April 2007 Lucy and I, together with the Lambertons gave Andrew a voucher for a kite surfing lesson. In August 2008 thanks to the graciousness of the trainers Andrew took his lesson with an expired voucher! After several cancellations due to tropical storms Andrew took 3/4 of his lesson the other week. He learned to maneuver the kite and surf on the board but again due to bad weather he didn't get a chance to put it all together. He did however get to jetski out to Masonboro island, an uninhabited island in the sound, which also explains the lack of photos as we couldn't go to watch and laugh at him. He had a fabulous time and is looking forward to finishing off the lesson one afternoon soon (but don't hold your breath waiting!)

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