Friday, 15 August 2008

Construction update 5

Construction work ground to a halt last Friday when the inspector failed the porch. The inspections department is re-interpreting the rules for hurricane strapping so although the porch failed the inspector could not clearly tell us what needed to change to pass. Already there appears to be so much strapping to prevent the roof flying off during a hurricane I'm not sure what else can be done. The fact is that during a very severe hurricane the screened porch will be left standing and the rest of the house will have blown away (or one of our 35 pine trees will fall over and smash the porch!) Anyway, additional strapping has been added and we await the structural and electrical inspections on Monday. All going well the porch will be finished next week.

The pizza oven is also coming along nicely. The 4th layer of concrete blocks was laid last night by Andrew and Gary, with Daryl watching on. Lucy has been a little helper donning gloves and using a trowel in a rather expert way. She is really getting into her role as Pizza Slave! Andrew still thinks we can have a functional launch in October, let's hope so!


cafedave said...

wow: I wouldn't have picked hurricane problems as being a risk to the project! hope it all gets sorted out soon.

Teresa and John said...

John says its looking good.