Friday, 22 August 2008

Construction update 6

Construction is almost finished after a frenzy of activity on Wednesday when a team of Mexican roofers descended on the deck and then the screening efforts of Steve and Mr Gerard on Thursday. We are 99% done - just awaiting the electrician to finalise the fan/light and for the guttering to be put in. Now I can supervise the pizza oven construction in bug-free comfort. But more importantly we can just sit back in the swinging chair with a glass of red and enjoy the warm summer air at dusk. Don't you just wish you were here!!!


Lisa said...

yes!!! but, we have a very busy month ahead, and then I wont be able to fly and by then it will be really cold over there and just getting nice and hot here - so we will have to come some other time!!

Teresa and John said...

Looking good