Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Construction Update 4 + snake tales

After a week of vacation our builders are back and working hard. The roof has been built and the shingles laid. Steve found that the skylights in the existing roof were leaking and fixed those too. We are now on track for the electrician to install the lights and for various county inspections.

In less exciting news around 8pm last night we spied a snake in our herb garden. Some of the herbs are doing great and others are doing terribly so we really didn't need a snake eating the caterpillars attacking the thyme. Andrew killed it with a spade (the snake not the thyme) and then re-killed it when it came alive again. We have no idea what kind of snake it was but Andrew wasn't taking any chances (remember this is the man who jumped behind me for protection when we encountered a rattlesnake whilst hiking in Yosemite!) In a freaky end the snake was decapitated yet the body kept moving.

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Unknown said...

I hope there aren't any pictures of the snake post Andrew and the spade.