Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Board Games 13: Tumblin' Monkeys

Henry received Tumblin' Monkeys for Christmas, although it will be a few years before he's allowed to play it. Each player rolls a die. Depending on the colour rolled on the die the player then removes that coloured stick from the tree. Any monkeys that fall are collected by the player. The person with the least amount of monkeys wins. Andrew worked out a way of slowly taking out the stick so that he could direct any monkeys onto other sticks. I told him in no uncertain terms that he didn't need to be so competitive about a kids game especially because he wins almost every time anyway. The game takes a while to set up as the sticks have to be in certain places but it is a very fun, easy game to play (that is if the adults aren't trying to be sneaky with their sticks!)

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