Thursday, 11 February 2010

Natural Products: Body

In continuing the natural theme, here are the ways we are moving forward with body products. We are still using up some of our old products but we'll be moving to these progressively.

Soap - We have chosen Dr Bronners Pure Castile unscented soap (pictured left). We use the bars for showers and the liquid version for hands. Our co-op sells the soap in bulk so you can take back your container and get it re-filled for half price. Kids are still using a Burt's Bees product for bubble baths. They were using California Baby 'Calming' but it is too expensive so we are sticking with Burt's Bees for the moment.

Facial Cleaner - I am using a mixture of castor oil and olive oil. Sounds weird but at least I know I am using cold pressed oil and I can identify the two ingredients. Only took a couple of days for my skin to get used to it. I changed back to my chemical cleanser in order to use it up and found that my skin didn't like it too much and took a few days to go back. See theoilcleansingmethod

Facial Moisturiser - Coconut Oil. Yes, you can eat this stuff though I don't recommend drinking it straight. [It is a liquid above 76 degrees F so at the moment it is a solid mass] It smells great! I'm not a big fan of it for hands as there is a residue of oil that is not helpful. The kids are using Burt's Bees moisturiser with honey and it smells so good.

Deodorant -
I'm using Tom's of Maine Natural Care Natural Deodorant Stick, Honeysuckle Rose. The point being that is a deodorant rather than an anti-perspirant. So yes, I sweat. I think Southern ladies around here shudder at the word but even though I sweat I don't smell bad thanks to this stuff.

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