Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Recipe of the week: Lamb tangine

This dish has already become a family favourite and we've made it at least twice now. We eat lamb a lot! We eat lamb roasts a lot! The problem is that we always have leftover lamb. In Australia we used to make lamb pies with the leftovers. We don't do that much here because 1. pastry is very expensive and 2. the pie maker produces small pies which is kind of a pain. So we've had lots of leftovers and nothing to do with them. Over Christmas I found two excellent recipes that make use of the leftovers and this is one of them.

Warm the lamb leftovers, gravy, baked onions and garlic in a pan. Add dried apricots and raisins. Cook for a while. Add cherry tomatoes and olives. Serve with cous cous. So easy, so yummy and no more leftovers!

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