Friday, 19 February 2010

We're off to New Bern

This weekend we're heading north to New Bern. We stopped here for lunch on our way to the Outer Banks a couple of years ago and we always wanted to go back and spend some more time there. Last time we visited the home of Pepsi, a small corner store on Main St - a stark contrast the Coca Cola extravaganza in Atlanta. But that's New Bern, a quiet sleepy kind of town just 2 hours north from where we live.

Despite that image we have some big things planned in New Bern and will be using two very different, not-every-day modes of transportation. See if you can guess what they are before Monday. On the way back we are detouring to Raleigh to do a Trader Joe's shop. Have a good weekend.


Teresa and John said...

car and sleigh ride. Hawthorn beat Richmond in the NAB cup

BKR said...

hmmm. SEGUE and a ferry? well, i hope you guys had a great trip. and i love trader joes. too bad we don't have one. i'm off on vacation tomorrow. yippie!

chan said...